A Call for Help from the Himalayan Communities

We, the communities living in the high Himalayas, appeal to mountaineers, mountain lovers and the world at large - those who understand the difficulties of mountain people in Nepal, who have been among us - to use resources at their disposal (financial, social connections and political clout) to get us help in reconstructing our lives.

Ang Tshering Sherpa

Chairperson, CAHC

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A Call for Help from the Himalayan Communities

We the communities living in the High-Himalayas are naturally resilient people- we have withstood adversities of nature for centuries. Anyone who has visited us in the mountains knows we prefer dealing with our problems ourselves. The scale and magnitude of the earthquake/s- that are still continuing- and the devastation they have caused/are causing, clearly, are just too big for us to handle ourselves. We need help from outside to deal with this disaster.

The world-of-aid-agencies have arrived in Nepal- many more are likely to land in the months that would follow. The fear of us, the mountain people, is that given the inaccessibility of our terrain, and our marginalized role in the country’s governance, the help, if at all any, reaches us might be too little too late. We thereby appeal to the world of mountaineers, mountain lovers, hikers those who understand the difficulties of mountain people in Nepal- who have been among us to use resources at their disposal- not necessarily just financial but also their political clout and connections to get us help.

How Your Help Can Reach Us Quicker

We the Himalayan Communities are organized thorough a civil society organization ‘Climate Alliance of Himalayan Communities (CAHC)’ that acts as a common platform for the members of the Himalayan communities across Nepal. It is a legally registered organization with the appropriate authorities of the government of Nepal. Its Executive Board comprises of community leaders from most of the mountain districts affected by the Earthquake. Each Executive committee member has created a sub-committee of 15-25 community leaders in their respective areas. In the wake of the earthquake we are quickly expanding our network of community leaders in some of the unrepresented districts. I work as the Chairperson of CAHC.

CAHC’s implementation partner- another legally registered non-profit named Himalayan Climate Initiative- has signed an written agreement with the Government of Nepal - National Planning Commission – to mobilize and deploy 20,000 young volunteers from all over Nepal into relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in the wake of the deadly earthquake. These National Volunteers will work shoulder to shoulder with Nepal Army, Nepal Police and other government and non-government organizations to provide help to the earthquake affected parts of Nepal.

Your help can reach us quicker and more effectively by working with CAHC/HCI as both these organization are volunteer based, and committed to 100% transparency in all their work.

View HCI's agreement with National Planning Commission

Cultural Monument report of Khumbu

Climate Change Report

Climate Change Report

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Climate Alliance of Himalayan Communities

Climate Alliance of Himalayan Communities (CAHC), led by Ang Tshering Sherpa is an alliance of community leaders from Nepal’s Himalayas. CAHC is network of civil society member from all Himalayan districts. CAHC is registered as non-governmental organization with Government of Nepal with HCI being its lead partner in execution of its activities.

The Climate Alliance of Himalayan Communities will create a sense of urgency to act locally in response to climate change. The CAHC will provide financial support and, perhaps more importantly, it will also provide human resource and technological support to local Himalayan communities. Learn more »

Download CAHC Brochure

Download CAHC Brochure

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